Lunstrum 10 Year Celebration

It’s amazing what we have accomplished in only 10 years. In such a short time we have built a growing team of talented and caring individuals who work their hardest everyday to make our customers projects successful. We have formed enduring partnerships with incredible and like-minded contractors who value their trade partners, and encourage our success. Together, we have successfully navigated a pandemic, tackled challenging schedules, and built some really amazing projects.

We are proud of what we have accomplished in such a short period of time and we’re excited about what we will accomplish along side our partners. We hope you enjoy a look back at some of our accomplishments and enjoy what our customers are proud to share about their experience with us.

Harvey Mudd

We could have filmed an entire series on the quality of collaboration and teamwork that took place to make this beautiful design come to life. When DPR ConstructionSteinberg Hart, and Harvey Mudd College first selected us to provide design-assist services, we understood the trust the team was putting in us to make their project a reality. Together, along with our partners at Oldcastle Building Envelope and GLASSWERKS LA, we worked through many challenging details, field conditions, and unforeseen issues to fulfill that promise. There was so much coordination and sequencing with other trades, who worked equally as hard to maintain the highest level of finished product, in spite of the challenges with Covid and other field conditions. It truly was a team effort and it’s clear we worked very hard, together, to build something that we all can be proud of.

Commercial Doors

Doors are tough, but we’re tougher!

On the surface, doors seem simple. We use them everyday, and there are often not many visible moving parts. However, the coordination required to simply order a single door opening is incredibly intense. The attention to detail and patience required to validate the compatibility of selected hardware types against the intended function, door types, ratings, and other hardware components on one opening can be amazingly tedious. And yet, we have projects that have hundreds of doors, almost all of which have to be treated as a unique condition.

Our doors team handles commercial door projects of all types, including hollow metal, aluminum, wood, glass, and other custom openings.

They are also experts at electrified and automatic openings.

So, here’s a shout out to our doors team, who make the complex look easy.

14th & Comm

Sometimes we get so busy we forget to stop and appreciate the positive impact we can create in construction. In addition to continuing to add to the gorgeous San Diego skyline, we were fortunate enough to be a part of a project that is going to help so many people in need. We thank Level 10 Construction for partnering with us on this project and for managing the job in a way that really allowed all the trade partners to make this one of the smoothest large projects we’ve been a part of.

Citracado MOB 2

From the attention to detail, to the logistics between our shop fabrication and field installation, to the onsite coordination with Level 10; This project was the perfect example of teamwork in action. The efficiency of both our fabrication crews and installation crews was paramount to the success of this and many other concurrent projects.

The speed at which the team provided this project, without sacrificing quality or safety, was impressive to watch and really showcased what is possible with proper coordination.

Ionis Conference Center

It’s not often that you find a company who actually embodies the essence of their core ideology, or that has such a consistent and acute culture in spite of their size or success. So, we recognize how lucky we are to have such a strong partnership with DPR Construction. We appreciate their commitment to the success of not only their projects and clients, but to their trade partners as well.

State Street

Here’s the final shots of our local State St. project in Carlsbad. We appreciate C2 Building Group for bringing us in on this one, and we enjoyed working with Greg Coleman Architect on this very cool design. 9ft x 11ft tall swing doors; Large circular portal windows; 11ft tall triangular windows; and the use of 5 different products made this smaller project pack some big attitude.


A look back at one of our façade renovations. Out with the old, in with the new.

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